More lycra Streches!

The dance floor of dblO!
Entrance to dance floor... Fran came up with the idea to put up the shiny decor...lovely!

Love their stairs, going up to pool bar and the main dance floor, lights a changing!

We even decorated outside!
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Lighted Lycra Lamps

This was part of the decor for dblO's anniversary party...
Two of us decorated from 1pm-8pm
Two lights brighten up this pyramid!

No lights needed, the power of UV!

Two more lights pretty...
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Nice Letters and Interviews: Channel 8's Who's the real clown?

Nice Letters and Interviews: Channel 8's Who's the real clown?

Check this out! I'm trying to Blog This button at the moment to see if I can duplicate content without having to type everything all over again!

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Sweetheart at Safra (Recycled Fashion!)

First I dress up in newspapers
It's quite wearable and warm! Great if you are going south for Winter!
Now the families take up the challenge, and they seem to be doing a great job! One mother even made boots for her boy...and all out of newspaper and string!
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Sweetheart the Clown Featured on Jobs For Juniors

I love Yahoo Video! You can upload a video of any duration as long as it is under 100mb! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YAHOO VIDEO! Check it out! Much faster than youtube too!


Silver Statue Mime

Kiki and me in my silver getup! The costume is gorgeous, and it is from the one and only Masquerade!
I stuck my tongue out to check out the colour contrast.
Whoa! Nearly fell...NOT!

I have an idea! Let's check out how long it takes for the makeup to be removed!

Yikes. 1 hour, and it only took me 10 minutes to put it on.

Phew. Makeup's off at last!
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Launch of apple vodka at Em by the river

Plasticine people in green, with hands showing!

Art farty green people...
We are taking over the world...

That was a really fun event, thank you Fran!!!
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Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day

It's the time of the year again, Free Cone Day courtesy of Ben and Jerry's (My fav fav ice cream!)

Some cool girls I met!

We have a different cow this year. but it's still really cute!

The team at Great World had real fun with the cow!

And yes, the cow was really happy with all the attention that day.

Happy Free Cone Day, Ben and Jerry's!

2006, 2007 and more...
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Cute little Boy

I did Kyle's one year old birthday party and Jay was one of the guests there! I made quite a few balloons for him, and my, was he protective over them! He's only three but protects his own stuff very well - he was holding the balloons like that all the way from the BBQ pit to his house.

This is probably one of the funniest sights in my performing life ever.
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