Some Pictures I managed to Dig Out!

Tarot Card Reading
Fruit and Vegetable mascots
Chef Mime
This was during Chingay! Clowns, Plasticine Man, God of Fortune, all together!
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Face Facts - A cool 3 piece Singing Jazz Band

Joyce is fabulous and has a BIG voice! She has charisma and can charm people on stage to sing along or even dance along.

Fantastic and almost serious guitar...
And of course, a steller keyboardist too!
They were playing for me at this conference, and you can tell the crowd enjoyed it - they even came up to sing along with the band!

If you want to book them, let me know!
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Vivien as Emcee

Was emceeing at the dinner for SII Conference 2007 and I sang Memory for this lady who's last day working in SII is right after the event. The night was fun, light hearted, and memorable! We even had a live band to accompany all those who wanted to sing right after myself and her!
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POSB Blue Man

Holding the yellow and blue POSB Balloons!
So many people! So fun!
We are big on interaction! The Blue man stirikes again!
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Cute Mascot Costumes


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