Victorian Glitter Tattoo Artists

With Cindy Sim... Lovely lady who taught me opera makeup when I was 17 years old!

We were doing glitter tattoo at Raffles Hotel for a 3000 strong crowd of legal professionals...
Real fun!
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Ze Matador...

For the opening of The Steakhouse (very well attended! Thanks to CRM!!! Andrea was fabulous as usual and so was Cameron!) we provided the Matador who greated each guest in a fun lively way and made the night memorable! He was practically in every picture!

Full Pic, costume from Masquerade!
Close up shot of Peer
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Big Bikes at Millenia Walk

This is the official video! The first exhibition that I set up, designed and did everything for! My clients Team27 are a group of passionate bikers with hearts of gold! Jeff from Ethan White did the sales of booths, and he was amazing as well, selling 60k of space in 1 week!

Emcee and Chef

Very fun new show created just for Groupe Seb, with the Moulinex and Rowenta brands! I cook and demonstrate the wonders of the chopper, the blender and the oven! Real fun, will be at Courts Woodlands every Sunday from 7th Oct - 3Nov!
Me as chef with some of my utensils!
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Silver Mime

Created a special 15min mime act for Tangs! That was a pretty fun show with loads of audience interaction, and both of us are in Silver!

Kevin the male mime
Me looking really sweet! Backstage pic without the jacket!
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