Some Paintings that I did

Inspired by Bhutan
Aftermath of Hong Kong
I redid this painting...
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Mime Time!

Mime Time - 30mins

This is a fun interactive mime show for kids, were two mimes appear to fight it out in the beginning, putting white paint on each other. Mayhem ensues and well painted, they start getting the kids to mime along, dance and even go on an imaginary journey! Ends with a feel good big goodbye!

Thai Dancers

Gorgeous in orange and blue

All four thai dancers
Again, all four gorgeous girls

I was emceeing for the naming ceremony of the boat behind, really exciting, I love the thai guests, they were wonderful!
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Katong CC as Emcee

i was emceeing for this most excellent event, and got really tempted by the wonderful classes and courses offered by Katong CC! Phemas will be one of them, led by the knight in shiny armour!

She's amused by his Puma shoes!

Save me a hand!
The swords look very sharp!
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Faith Yang's Album Launch

We sponsored the decor for the venue of Faith Yang's album launch...

Sweetheart the clown with Faith Yang

Yet another picture with Faith!

Ric is an excellent singer as well! The launch was fun, with the newphew and nieces of Faith Yang enjoying the balloons!
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Acrobatic Stiltwalkers!

Very cute jesters on stilts!

The video of their most excellent show is attached below! Enjoy....


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