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The Harpist at Bugis Junction

I love the beautiful harp...
The music was amazing!
I wanted the harp to keep singing...
A huge crowd gathered and was enthralled...
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Bugis Junction Opera!

It was an amazing Opera performance, complete with big flags and a spear!

I had no idea he could actually do this~!
It was spell binding~!
All the tiny gestures were part of the beautiful consumate performance...
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Classical Trio

Gorgeous string classical trio...
Violin, Viola and Cello... great combination!
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Cheerleading Dancers

Fabulous Cheerleaders!
The beauty queen and Cheerleaders
My client, Andrew from KL with my cheerleaders...

Backstage after the show...
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Sweetheart as Cutsie Carnie

All my heart...
Snakes alive!!!

Couldn't resist making balloons for the big girls as well!
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