More face painting pictures

Painting penguins!
Batman face...
Little boy with the lion...
Cute lion!
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Balloon sculpting at the Carrefour

Cute little girl waiting for a flower...
The little girl likes to pout for pictures!
With the sculptor
So cute!
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Face Painting at Carrefour

Kevin is painting this rather cute 3 year old boy, who wanted to be Spiderman!

I painted the flowers on the little girl, and she loved it! Only two years old...

Putting the finishing touches...
Done, featured with the artist...
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Sweetheart the Clown at Shania's 6th Birthday!

I've been at Shania's parties since she was one, and she is now 6 years old, very gorgeous and tall! Sweetheart the Clown is happy!
She is so tall!
Bindy, Shania's mum is so pretty!
Shania's older sister is posing pretty with her special birthday balloon!
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