Body Painting at the Science Center

This little boy is only three years old, and he loves getting painted!

This is on an older boy who wanted a cool tribal tattoo!
This little girl wanted an orchid on her hand, so here it is! Check out the tiger bellow!

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Elizabeth's 7th Birthday Party!

I painted on their hands, and the little girls were so lovely, they all came back for seconds! Hence everyone had 2 paintings on their hands at least!

She's really cute and sweet too! 7 year old parties are fun, the children are able to laugh at all the subtle jokes as well as the slapstick comedy... Happy Birthday Elizabeth!
Her birthday paintings - Queen Elizabeth - She's queen for the day because it's her birthday!
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Uncle Jimbo Birthday Party Magic

Apples or Bananas?
Uncle Jimbo and Stinky, his cute 5 year old friend!
Uncle Jimbo teaching Stinky how to count!
Birthday boy loves Stinky and Uncle Jimbo for his birthday party...
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Special Deal, Just print out!

This is a voucher for Secret Sensual Nails Spa, $15 for Manicure and Pedicure only! Just print and call them to book! I was very happy with the mani-pedi that they did for me, asked them for a special deal for my customers, and they gave me these vouchers to give away! Till Dec 2009 only.
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Stiltwalker at Central

Mingling stiltwalker at Central with a family.

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