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Sweetheart the clown

Sweetheart posing with a dog!
Sweetheart trying to lick a lollipop balloon

Lollipop Fan with bear and Sweetheart the clown!

These pictures were taken, in a very candid fashion, at the F1 track in 2008..managed to dig them out of my archive.
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Swan Song

A Swan Song – The Last Tribute to Anita Mui

Lezard Cheung, known as Singapore's Anita Mui, will sing his very last this 1st Dec 2009 as he is permanently retiring from show business in favour of a spiritual life. One of his last acts as a performer will be to raise funds for the kids in India ( Project Juley ) to have a school to call their own, and get an education.

His friends, from all faiths, all walks of life, have all gathered to make this last concert truly special. From dancers, to magicians and even clowns, everyone is donating their time and effort in a bid toraise enough for the school to be built.

The children in the mountains of India, near Tibet are unable to go toschool, as the six months of winter prevents them from doing little else except survive. This school that will be built will not just educate, they will house the kids and give them free food, lodging and teaching.

As we are trying to raise funds through ticket sales, we hope that you would find this story worthy of mention, and we will be most happy to answer any questions, should you want to set up an interview.

Date: 1st Dec 2009
Time: 2000-2130
Venue: Kreta Ayer People's Theatre
All Ticket Sales will be donated to Project Juley
Tickets: $18, $28, $38, $58 and $88
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Some Information about the show:
A bubble, a hope, a dream

Vivien Goh started Zephyhdom ( The One Stop Talent Source ) in 1995 when she was still 17 years old. After nearly 15years, she is going back to the roots, Theatre. This performance is neither a musical nor pure theatre, it has elements of magic, mime, clowning, puppetry,ventriloquism, bubbles, juggling and balloon sculpting all rolled in to one show. With a central theme of dreams, we hope that this show will touch the families watching this unique combination of fun and comedywith a poetic central storyline and instill in the kids a sense of hope, a bubble of a dream. Dreams are all too important, and Vivien Goh has experienced, together with her performers, how important it isto be able to dream, and dream BIG!

Performers that we known and love to watch will be in this show,Sweetheart the Clown, Kiki Tay the magician, Uncle Jimbo Magic, the silly Plasticine men, mascot characters and more! Totally fun, totally interactive, kids from 3 – 10 years old would enjoy the show immensely while parents will be able to appreciate the other artisticcomponents.

Date: 1st Dec 2009
Time: 1400-1800
Venue: Kreta Ayer People's Theatre

Ticket Sales will be donated to Project Juley
Tickets: $10 for children under 12 years old ,$18 for adults
Donation Tickets are also available if you are feeling generous, tickets with seat numbers will be allocated to you, else it is FREE SEATING for the rest of the tickets.

Ticket Types

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SPMI Dinner!

Some of the minglers!
Shadow Cutting and Mingling Table
Cool Example!
Mingling table with the kids...
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Hen's Night

Wishing the bride a wonderful marriage and life ahead...

Her group of lady friends and one cute baby!
So Sweet...
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Balloon Igloo

Making an igloo is fun!
It didn't take too much time either...if you want one for Christmas, give me a call at 62782717!

THE CREATOR> That's me! next to my cool igloo for kids to hide in...
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