Science Busker Champion!

I was Zany Science with Sweetheart the Clown in the recent SCIENCE Busking competition and emerged champion! It was really fun demonstrating science concepts through the use of balloons, ventriloquism and an odd plastic bag or two! Sound was demonstrated, Newton's laws and more...

Me looking so happy at the unexpected win! Everyone else except Uncle JIMBO had the support of their schools, which meant their scores were naturally high. I NEEDED drastic action in order to win... I really put my whole heart and soul out there to teach science concepts while making it fun! Happy to say, even children understood some pretty difficult science concepts which I had a bit of trouble remembering in secondary school - Like high tension = high pitch, low tension of string = low pitch!

My HUGE $1000 cheque from the Singapore Science Center.

Posing with Elim Chew of 77th Street ( Sponsor ), board of directors and managers in the Singapore Science Center
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