Sweetheart the Clown at a birthday party

Mr Pinky's being naughty!
The kids are laughing at Mr Pinky's silly antics...
Mr Pinky in action...Sweetheart's a good ventriloquist, her mouth doesn't move at all!

Rapt attention from the children of all ages and from all over the world!

Sweetheart at Livewell Baby Championships

Very sweet little girl, only 3 years old right there in the middle...she was so eloquent and really adorable! These pictures are sent in from the Livewell Baby Championships show by her mother, taken with her handphone!


This is from an email that her mother sent on her behalf, really sweet!

"hello Mr Pinky n Sweetheart

pls see the attached 5 photos taken on friday.

it was a great fun experience to be able to go on stage !!!

thx for choosing me.

my family enjoyed the show conducted by you. Good job !!!

from Gladys Kee :-D"
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Freakshow Jim

Freakshow Jim is a unique character who does all kinds of impossible feats. From knocking a nail into his nose to tearing a phone book, his show leaves you gasping for more. Available as a side show street performance, he is capable of gathering and handling crowds of hundreds. Interactive and mysterious, his audience is often mouthing, " How did he do that? "

Fire Eating, Nail in nose, phone book tearing, balloon swallowing, balloon up nose and out mouth are all stunts that FreakShow Jim took years to perfect - do not try this at home.
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Upside Down Clown Mascot

Super cute!
Check out his funny face!
Side view of the clown...
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