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Kiki Tay's Blog: Kiki Tay's Hero-Of-The-Day, Vivien Goh!

Kiki Tay's Blog: Kiki Tay's Hero-Of-The-Day, Vivien Goh!: "Kiki's Hero-of-the-day Vivien Goh! I have been extremely blessed with an amazing life and career, and I can honestly say, it is all becaus..."

Thank you Kiki for the pictures that you managed to dig out, and the time you took writing the entire piece! Thank you for inspiring me with your passion, your ideas, your intellect...the list goes on, and you have achieved so much in your life, it amazes me till no end, especially when I remember meeting you in the office the very first time when you were just 13 years old! Your magic and illusion concepts were not just dreams, you made your dream, your life and your reality through sheer hard work and passion. Someone once said that success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration... you are 100% of both, and you have achieved so much in so short a time...I'm so proud and happy to be part of your life. Thank you for being you...

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Vivien Goh as Emcee

 Little Carrefour Ambassador 2011!

 Vivien Goh as emcee, Posing for pictures...
 Some balloon columns at the event, made by Vivien.

 The baby crawling mats, really happy and colourful, with the words Carrefour spelt across the top!

 Here she is with the loot that made her walk really fast in our baby race!
 The little girl in yellow was fantastic as well, and they were neck to neck!

 She won $1000 worth of Carrefour vouchers!

 She won! Loads of votes! Pictured here with her parents and our Carrefour Merchandise Director!

Little Carrefour Ambassador 2011! She's really lovely and sociable. Good model too! Wishing her the very best, and you can expect to see her in all the baby campaigns for Carrefour, Singapore!

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Mascots for HP Family Day for Ace Events

The upside down clown, yellow bear, max mouse and molly mouse had a great time mingling with the staff and family of HP at the Chinese Garden!

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Stiltwalkers at HP Carnival for Ace Events

We had alot of fun that day!


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