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Vivien Goh as Emcee

 Little Carrefour Ambassador 2011!

 Vivien Goh as emcee, Posing for pictures...
 Some balloon columns at the event, made by Vivien.

 The baby crawling mats, really happy and colourful, with the words Carrefour spelt across the top!

 Here she is with the loot that made her walk really fast in our baby race!
 The little girl in yellow was fantastic as well, and they were neck to neck!

 She won $1000 worth of Carrefour vouchers!

 She won! Loads of votes! Pictured here with her parents and our Carrefour Merchandise Director!

Little Carrefour Ambassador 2011! She's really lovely and sociable. Good model too! Wishing her the very best, and you can expect to see her in all the baby campaigns for Carrefour, Singapore!



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