Balloon twisting at carrefour Suntec city!

So fun! Back at carrefour to spread happiness and cheer... Balloon sculptures for kids and adults alike!

Cai Shen Dao!

Jazz up your next event with a mingling magician and Cai Shen Ye!

Or even our crazy photo booth!
Mingling Magician at work
Tarot reading anyone?
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Vivien as emcee DnD

Emcee for Citispa was quite different as the staff and management were the performers at this dinner! Very talented, they sang and put up dance shows as well. There was even a pageant where they crowned one of their staff Miss Bold and Beautiful!

Theme of the night was chinese retro, so a wonderful band serenaded with old chinese numbers and a Teresa TENG impersonator stole the hearts of many.

Held at Le danz, there were 20 tables or so in the ballroom!

Vivien emcee DnD

It was a fun theme and concept, and the best thing is that the staff were so fun and sporting as well! Yamaha motors and staff rock! "Yamaha high school" theme was fun, and even the Japanese director joined in as "principal"!

Games were fun too, we had quiz time, english class where they had to find alphabets and make words, art class where they had to create a circle big enough to fit everyone at the table into and more!

Sweetheart at Melrose

Sweetheart the ventriloquist was at melrose home bringing loads of fun and good cheer during the chinese new year. Organized by some members with amazing cars, the kids were thrilled and took lots of pictures with the cars!

Emcee for triumph

Vivien Goh as emcee for triumph's chinese new year road shows were really fun, with loads of good deals for everyone!

CNY dinner

Chinese new year dinners are made more fun when you have the God Of Fortune at your event!


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