Jack and the beanstalk

Jack and the beanstalk is given new life from the cast of Zephyhdom! Featuring a 5m high balloon "beanstalk", the play was fun and interactive with the children in the audience "helping" Jack escape from the giant!


Alice in wonderland- at the mad hatter's tea party!

It was a fun, interactive play staged at center point and it certainly drew he crowds! Kids were dancing with the actors and sang along to win cool prizes! Ask us about our customized plays where we will write a fresh script and have music accompaniment as well!

Plasticine men - Ikea Sale

We generated alot of buzz at Raffles place, and hordes of people were whipping out their mobile phones to capture the plasticine men in a variety of poses! For more photos, do check out my facebook at

A Party Banner I just did


Can you guess which banner got chosen?

Yes you are right, the very first one with the owl!
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Fun 1st Birthday for Alynna

She is so cute! And her older sister, 3 years old is so pretty! What a beautiful family Vincent, my old NUS hallmate has! Elden, six years old looks so much like Vincent!

Fun birthday party place!

I think this would make a great birthday party location! Perfect for water fights, foam parties and more... Great activities like rent your own vegetable pot or plot, water canons, foam parties at certain times, picnic areas and more! Great chill out place with good food at Port Belly, and the best part is, they will have picnic baskets sets created for you to have a picnic under the shady trees outside! Ribs were a definite hit, but the kids meal was a little pricey for a sausage with bun and no sauce nor relish.

Beneath the bodhi tree

Who ordered the murder of this tree?

I usually don't post negativity, but the bodhi tree that used to grow at the path on the way out from my office has been cruelly chopped down without notice!

It doesn't shed leaves, was a great shade tree and generally, Nparks has no reason to cut the tree down. Of course I am saying this from an untrained eye, but it was a lovely tree and now it is gone :(

I loved that tree and the birds that used to rest in it... Rip big shady tree...

Carrefour Supports Earth Hour in Singapore

First I was part of the pledge... then I was emcee for Earth hour at Carrefour Singapore! Can you see when I first appear?
Special Easter Giveaway!

I've got a $50 Carrefour voucher to give away randomly to the person who can write down all the timings on both videos that I appear in, you've got till Easter Sunday to either put it in a comment here or go to my facebook and comment on my wall! www.facebook.com/sweethearttheclown

For example 1:29-1:32, 4:50-4:55, etc

I will contact you via facebook private message / email! And also announce the winner on my blog / facebook status update!

Taiwan Fruit and Vegetable Fair

Fruit and vegetables from Taiwan are astoundingly sweet and you can get them at Carrefour till 14th April only! Very affordable, I was amazed at the low prices! Enoki mushrooms for only $0.60, Wine tasting grapes for only $3.50 ( I bought similar at a Japanese supermarket for more than $10! )

A must buy!

Earth hour at Carrefour!

It was a really fun event at Carrefour Suntec City, we had a earth themed magic show, singer Kexin and myself as emcee to do fun quizzes with the crowd. A candle lighting ceremony was held in to commemorate earth hour 2012, and it was a very memorable ceremony with Carrefour shoppers helping in the light up.


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