Sweetheart at Changi City Point

Emceeing was fun! So was the ventriloquist show and the storytelling!

Vivien Goh at Heritagefest 2012

Heritagefest this here is held at a whopping 9 malls and I am host at Changi city point with the theme of void decks. It was a fun 2 weeks and I found out so much more about Singapore's void deck beginnings! Thank you Fly Entertainment for the chance to be emcee here!

Pizza workshop at ARC

The event that we managed at ARC was a success on the first day, with the spaces fully booked and the feedback from the parents was great. The children clearly enjoyed themselves and tasty pizzas were made!

ARC Kids Pizza Workshop

Zephyhdom is helping to manage this event, and we created the website too! For all our readers out there, you get to take advantage of a 50% discount if you register before 22nd July for this workshop!

You will get to enjoy time with your children and bring home a pizza too! A chef from Bistroquet will conduct the workshop, and you can learn the secrets of pizza making. After making your own pizza, it will be baked in a wood-fired oven for a perfect meal! You get a goody bag and a pizza to bring home. A fun workshop at ARC happening only on 28th and 29th of July 2012. Do hurry and book, as only 20 places per workshop is available.

You can pay via paypal or by credit card ( just click, " not a paypal member" and the credit card secured payment form will appear. )

For more details, click here.


Snakes alive! Kudeta at MBS

Safari themed night all complete with the snake lady in a leopard print dress!


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