Carrefour Singapore Closes

As I walked into Suntec city, I felt a little sad, a little reflective. The best wines at the best price, fabulous cheeses, healthy organic food, fantastic fruits will no longer be found at one place in Singapore - Carrefour. It feels like the whole Suntec is mourning the death of Carrefour in Singapore, everyone walking around noiselessly - the silence, for once, was deafening. Good bye Carrefour, I hope to see you in Singapore again some day... 15 years performing for Carrefour was a priviledge... Thank you.

Emcee and ventriloquist at clap, kampong glam

It was a fun night at the area between fu Lu shou and Albert complex! The mp, Denise Phua was so friendly and the residents clearly responded to Er presence! The dance group doing a medley of songs was fantastic, the Filipino dance crew! Both the kids and adults enjoyed my show and they were screaming and laughing... Fun, positive night!

Uncle Jimbo at a birthday party!

Uncle Jimbo is larger than life and makes every party super fun!


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