Sweetheart at Smart Kids Asia for Bioglan

Sweetheart drew crowd at the booth by first attracting children with her amazing fast balloon sculptures then her gameshow at the booth! All the children got to try the yummy omega3 gummies as well, and some parents went off with a good deal on the children vitamins and supplements as she have out some coupons as well!

Uncle Jimbo at Smart Kids Asia for Bioglan

Uncle Jimbo had an unusual show which he delivered with ease! Magic at the booth to draw crowd... It wasn't easy, with so many booths competing for the same crowd, but he did well!

Tarot Reading at Events!

It is always fun to have a tarot reader at your event, and Vivien as tarot reader is both mystifying and accurate at the same time!

Retrolicious Party for the ex Dunmanites!

This is an amazing group of ex classmates that kept in touch for more than 40 years! Their 1313 party theme and games were created by Vivien Goh who was their emcee as well, but Jennifer did all the prizes and the tikam board! Fun fun party with loads of photos, but here are some of them first!


Lingerie sales in costume!

Vivien Goh as emcee has been ramping up sales for Sorella, Pierre Cardin and Toung Hearts! Amazing deals, coupled with her non stop energetic emceeing, managed to hit amazing targets over the weekends!

First Sweetheart the clown show 2013!

It was a fun first year party, and a joy to see his brother again! I did his brother's party when he was one year old, and now it is this little One's turn! Happy Birthday Malcom!!


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