Body painting at a party

It was really fun doing body painting the other day at a birthday party, and these are some if the results!

All the girls at the party seem to like heart shapes and hello kitty!

Hello kitty tattoos came in so many variations!

Our only flower and butterfly that day!

And it's back to Kitty again!

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Vivien Goh as a lingerie EMCEE!

Vivien Goh has been emceeing at many roadshows for Sorella, Pierre Cardin, Young Hearts and Felancy lingerie, but this is the first time she is trying on a tummy wrap LIVE! She was caught in action  and onlookers would have found it really hilarious, as she was quickly buttoned into the corset by the amazing staff, Amy.

Why do this? Her mic volume was being toned down and she needed another way to attract the crowd for the road show, so she came up with a live demo and managed to get a lot of response! People were queuing to try and buy.

Note to all: Corsets and tummy wrappers are worn inside, not outside.

She was so amazed by the back support of the corset that she bought 2 as well. They were going at an amazing price, more than a 50% discount. Perils of emceeing for brands with such great products!


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